Dovo Facharbeit Straight Razor (Blue Acrylic)
Dovo Facharbeit INOX 136813415 straight razor
  • 6/8" Width full hollow ground stainless steel blade, weighs ~56g
  • HISTORICAL FORGINGS FROM 1967-1971 1.4034 steel of exceptional quality
  • 500pcs Total production, each individually serialized (laseblue at rear stabilizer)
  • Square head
  • Blue acrylic handle, 'reptile-like' pattern
  • File jimps upon tang to aid handling
  • Handmade in Dovo's Solingen, Germany factory, special packaging presentation
  • Includes Free USA Shipping (US SHIPPING ONLY)

While all razors are whetted and stropped at the Solingen factory and Dovo-Stahlwaren certifies each razor as ready to shave via several quality control checks, Dovo has authorized The Superior Shave to further hone your razor post-factory (to so-called 'Shave Ready' status).  The choice is yours (allow +1 day handling time for 'further honed') .  As a personal use tool designed for direct interaction with human tissue, razors which have had the factory seal breeched cannot be returned.

Straight razors require diligent care, as addressed upon the warranty card.

Dovo Facharbeit 136813415 Blue
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